In the new economy more companies are finding that flexible talent acquisition and management solutions are essential to the realignment of their workforce to achieve corporate goals. Moreover, the quest for maximum efficiency and profitability is important now more than ever. Every company is unique and deserves staffing services that fit their style.
Our services are unique and flexible enough to accommodate our client’s goals. Whether our client needs one person or an entire team and for one month or long term contract, EE Talents is here to help. Our services include but are not limited to:

Talent Management
International Recruitment and HR
Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO)
Talent Outsourcing
Workforce Supply, Sponsorship and Management

Recruiting Services
Our Search solution built around our client's need:
»  Contingency Search
»  Retained Search
»  Executive Search
»  Project Based search
»  Proactive Search
»  Contract recruiters
»  Lease recruiters
»  Job Fair/Trade Show Recruiting

Talent Management
Talent management services can be cherry picked to fulfill clients' needs.

Contract Professionals - We recruit and manage the contractor’s payroll.

Payroll Management - We manage payroll of the contractors recruited by client.

Prime Contractor - We can work as Tier One Contractor to manage the workforce of subcontractors so that client has one POC.

International Recruitment and HR
International Recruiting Services can help our clients navigate through the complicated and ambiguous waters of International recruitment and HR challenges.
They are:

»  International Direct Hire
»  International Executive Search
»  International Contract Work
»  International Payroll process

Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO)

RPO is a flexible global recruitment outsourcing business model that adjusts to your organization’s specific and evolving talent acquisition objectives. Strategically, this model is designed to bring excellence in talent acquisition while focusing on recruiting cost management, candidate quality improvement and time-to-fill for each position.

Our RPO combines highly refined technologies with proven methods for sourcing and recruiting top quality passive candidates.

We provide following models:

On-site Recruitment RPO Model - This model provides our clients with an on premise, fully functional recruiting team with complete access to our customer’s internal technology and the hiring managers who are accountable for the end-to-end process of the recruitment cycle.

Initiative-Based RPO Model - Scalable, end-to-end recruiting solutions can be done for a defined needs base on geography, skill set, business unit or project base.

Service Center (Off-Site) RPO Model - This model supports our client talent acquisition operations from our facilities.

Hybrid RPO Model - RPO recruiters work alongside the customer’s internal staff to provide the benefits of RPO while maintaining valued recruiting resources.

Talent Outsourcing to India or China
Talent outsourcing from EE Talents is a unique outsourcing process whereby our clients can hire/contract talents in other countries like India, without accumulating the cost resources, and time associated with setting up offices in that country. Not only will our clients enjoy huge cost saving, they will also have direct control over talents.
Examples: Structural designing by engineers located in India or processing and interpretation of geological data by geologists located in India.

Workforce Supply and Management in the Middle East
We can source, recruit, hire, and mobilize workforce/manpower from Asia and Africa. We can also provide project based workforce sub-contract management services. As a US based company; safety is one of our top priorities. We make sure that everyone we hire understands the value of safety. Our workforce completes intensive safety training before they are approved to work.
Sponsorship, Business Development and Operations in the Middle East
US based energy and engineering companies are continuously exploring ways to expand their business in the Middle East. Our experienced partners will help you setup and operate a thriving office in the Middle East by providing sponsorship, counseling, accommodation, professionals, and local staff.